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Reigate Park Primary Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils.  We endeavour to create a firm foundation that fully prepares children with the skills they need for later life. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that our pupils develop fundamental British values and that they are prepared for life in modern Britain.

We believe our curriculum must ignite a passion for lifelong learning for all our pupils. Our children will learn from, with and on behalf of each other. Our curriculum is inclusive and develops a sound understanding of our rich and diverse community. 

The curriculum will provide the knowledge, skills and understanding to ensure all our pupils will be skilled communicators in order to become an active global citizen of today and for tomorrow.

Curriculum Aims

With our children at the heart of our school we aim to provide:

  • An inclusive environment where all children thrive and feel safe.
  • A broad and rich curriculum where our children can explore their thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  • A curriculum which provides the breadth and depth for our children to develop as a whole child.
  • A curriculum which is enhanced by other experiences to widen our children’s knowledge.
  • A curriculum which fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum.

In the Foundation Stage, children are offered a wide range of play based activities, supported by small group targeted work.  Our main objective is to develop language and social skills in order to support learning.  There is also much emphasis on developing important speaking and listening, numeracy, creative and physical skills.

In both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2  English, Maths and Phonics are of the utmost importance.  By achieving high standards in these subjects, children are able to fully access all other areas of the curriculum.  Science, ICT, History, Geography, Design and  Technology, Music, Art and Physical Education are taught using objectives outlined in the National Curriculum.

At Reigate Park  we recognise the importance of developing our children’s personal, social, health and emotional well being. We ensured that it is integrated into our curriculum through the use of Jigsaw as well as being developed through other subjects. The school also provides support for children who need to develop their self esteem or their emotional development through targeted interventions provided through our Inclusion Team.

Inherent in all subjects are opportunities for the development of cultural and spiritual awareness.  All subjects are made accessible to all children irrespective of gender, culture and ability.

We are proud of our high expectations and work hard to provide worthwhile, challenging tasks activities that allow pupils to seek answers for themselves.  Children are encouraged to ask questions and find out both through independent work and in co-operation with others.  We want our pupils to become self confident, self disciplined and courteous individuals.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the curriculum
please email: info@reigate.theharmonytrust.org

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