School Dinners

Caterlink and Head Chef Mrs Roome  are passionate about the quality and choice we offer our pupils. We are always happy to meet with parents of children who have diagnosed food allergies or medical conditions, to ensure we can adapt recipes to suit those children's needs.

Free School Meals and Universal Free School Meals
In September 2015 the government introduced the Universal Infant Free School Meals Initiative that ensures that any child in the year groups Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, can get a nutritious and healthy school meal at no cost to the parents. It is available to all parents regardless of income or personal circumstances.

The current price of a school meal is £2.25 per day - £11.25 per week.

Free School Meals (Infants) hasn't gone away, and remains an important measure that helps fund the main school budget. Parents who in the past might have applied for Free School Meals for children in the infants age group  are still encouraged to do so as this means that school can also benefit by accessing additional funding for resources.  Please use the web link below

Free School Meals (Juniors) if you think you qualify please use the link in the document below to make your application now . Applying now may mean that you will benefit financially.  Additionally it really makes a positive difference to the  school, and helps to ensure we can provide additional resources to give all children the very best start in life.

Pupil Premium Funding: the only way the school gets access to these funds is when individual parents apply  for and receive Free School Meals. By applying once on our new online system both you and the school  will benefit at any point in the future that your circumstances change or benefit rules change to ensure you qualify. Please do not delay your application as it helps provide valuable funds to help us give the best education to our pupils. 


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