FS2 - 02 MM - Brilliant Bears 2020 - 2021

Mrs McCombe

Mrs McCombe

Class Teacher Reception

Welcome to Reception


Our Teachers

Mrs McCombe with Mrs Price


Online Learning

All children have a login to Purple Mash, Numbots, Phonics Play and Oxford Owls.  To keep children safe online they have been taught to keep passwords and logins safe from other people.

Children can log in to Purple Mash here     Phonics Play here   and Oxford Owls here.


Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment

At the end of Reception all children will be assessed using the Foundation Stage Profile.  Your child’s teacher will keep you updated on your child’s progress and how you can support them.


Reach Achieve Succeed

Your child will be bringing home a reading book during the year.  Please read with them and talk to them about the story as often as you can.


Our Learning

This year our Topics will be:

  • Do you want to be friends?
  • Why do squirrels hide their nuts?
  • What’s that sound?
  • Why do ladybirds have spots?
  • Do cows drink milk?
  • Who lives in a rock pool?

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